Quality Policy

Australian Facilities Group (AFG) manages routine and preventative maintenance for both commercial and domestic clients.

Australian Facilities Group seeks to operate its business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards expected, our customers, public regulators and the communities we are proud to serve.

We are committed to continuously improving the quality management systems of our operations.

To satisfy our customers’ requirements, which Australian Facilities Group commits to:

  • Identifying the changing needs and expectations of our clients and the wider community;
  • Implementing processes and procedures that ensure these evolving needs and expectations are integrated with our management systems;
  • Providing services on time, at a fair price and in a responsible way;
  • Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement in our staff; and
  • Training all our employees and contractors to respond at all times in accordance with this policy.

Australian Facilities Group (AFG) has widely adopted, and continues to introduce, externally audited quality systems as appropriate at its various workplaces throughout Australia. Maintenance of a Quality Management systems is one of the means by which Australian Facilities Group aims for excellence in its corporate governance.

Guy Considine:
Date: 1st July 2017

Peter McDonnell:
Date: 1st July 2017

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